Sunday, March 20, 2011

2010 quick recap

This will be short. 2010 was a pretty boring year. Benny recieved his PAM treatments from Leann, his infusion nurse, every 8 weeks. He still had 5 or 6 breaks in his left Humerus, & 1 fracture in his left Femur.

We all went to California for Bennett's 1st birthday!! That was a blast, a week is definatley not long enough though. Summer was ok, very hot!! I took him to the lake, but with his light sensitivity he couldn't really enjoy it. I will take him again this year, but later in the afternoon, & where it's shaded more.

We made a visit to the Cox Springfield NICU & saw Dr. Eccher, he's the greatest person, truly. He held Bennett for a picture & you could see the recognition in Bennett's face, it was priceless.

We had a great Christmas, Benny got enough toys for about 25 kids, he's going to be the most popular kid on the block later.

He started talking a little bit, learned a few signs "more & please", the important ones. That's about it for tonite, talk again tomorrow or next day. Good night. Mark.

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