Sunday, September 9, 2012

Out & about as a family.

Well since the weather has started improving, Skylar, Bennett, & I all went to a Car Show the other afternoon. It was a glorious day. The weather couldn't have been better, & the sun was just going down so Bennett didn't have to suffer w/ brightness.

  He loved seeing all the cool cars & trucks. He especially liked a yellow Nova II, until the guy gunned the engine. Then it wasn't as cool, it kinda startled him.

  He did like being outside though, he repeatedly said to Linda "we're outside, we're outside". It's been wicked hot so we've not been going for walks that often. We will now for sure, I wish I could find an off road stroller that he'd be comfortable in.

Bennett also had his infusion last week. I found out that Leann (his nurse) is only staying w/ Home Parental Services because of Bennett!! She is his only patient. She is also a full time nurse. She is not only the greatest nurse but also the best person. She cares for him like her own. Thank you Leann if you read this.

  The picture you see is Bennett on our patio w/ the bubble machine going, he LLLLLLLLLOOOOOVES bubbles!! The new speech therapist Ann is using them to work on his W's, you know pursing your lips together?? So he gets all he wants when it comes to bubbles.

  He's also spending more time on his "Blue Couch" as he calls it, sometimes w/ his tumble form seat sometimes not. He's getting better sitting up & talking & asking questions more.

     Well off to work, thanks for reading & if you want a particular topic about Bennett discussed, please feel free to ask. Take care Mark....aka Bennett's Pop.

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