Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cars, noises, & other distractions

My son is a very curious individual, he can be sleeping in his pack & play & I can vacuum around him no problem, do dishes, clean the livingroom, all the while just sleeping away. On the other hand, if I'm holding him & laugh out loud, he screams like I pinched his nose off, or if I sneak into his room to get something, it's as if he has a sixth sense.

He also loves the car, he can be fussing like mad, cryng turning himself red. I put him in his car seat & start driving, within 5 mins he is calm as a cucumber. I would like to add my mom is quite ingenious, we were out to eat & normally Bennett likes to watch the ceiling fans, there weren't any of course. He started fussing, my mom started waving her menu in front of him, that kept him totally preoccupied throughout dinner...BRILLIANT!!!

Well 1 more day & we leave for Omaha so Bennett can start his Pamidronate treatment. We are beside ourselves with excitment, I will update when we get up there on tuesday, later...Mark Stamoulis.

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