Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quiet times

First of all I would like to say, I can't decide if I like writing this to Bennett, I may flip flop till I decide. Secondly, I love coming home from work & Bennett is sleeping, he looks so peaceful & adorable. He sleeps with his eyes partialy open, his hands tucked under his chin & breathing so you can just barley hear him. I sometimes take a chance & sit right next to his crib & watch him sleep. It almost seems too quiet, like there should be some sort of background noise, he does have his fan going, which he adores. I'll hold him under that, swaying from side to side, & he just stares at that fan.

He loves to see anything moving, when we go out to eat if there aren't ceiling fans he will start fussing after a few minutes, my mom actually found that if you wave a menu in front of him that keeps his attention. We are definately learning as we go.

Sky & I are really looking forward to our trip to Omaha, NE. Bennett is going to start his Pamidronate treatment. All my friends on Facebook say "Pam" is the best thing for patients with OI, it helps strengthen the bones & reduces the pain level. We are very happy about that, hopefully with less pain, we will have alot more quiet times.

Will post more when I know more...take care, Mark Stamoulis.


  1. Yay for starting PAM! Bennett is so sweet sleeping there! Adorable and so peaceful!

  2. That just happened to be a good day, he wasn't on PAM then. He is now though, & we've had alot more days like that since. Thanks for following BTW. Mark Stamoulis